A ghost is not recommended

by Teresa Finney

I had been running and avoiding
in order to avoid running into myself.
I should have just stayed. I should have just stayed near to where I was instead of bumping into my shadow that lingered all around my life like cigar smoke. I never could have escaped me.
Silly 20something. Now you know why love must be all tricks and no magic. Our shadows danced, but I stayed still until it was time to go to the next place I wouldn’t have to face what had become of me because of you.

A mirror shattered into countless pieces all around us. We saw our shadows as a reflection of what could have been.
You were gone, gone, gone and I was here, finally still. I did not cut myself as I put us back together. And I meant to tell you before we parted on 42nd St last December that I was wrong. That people who love one another leave ghosts out in the snow. And magic shines as proof from their houses. Even, and maybe especially, us.