thank you

by Teresa Finney

I imagine next month as I’m celebrating my one year NYC anniversary, I’m going to spend the vast majority of the day calling all the people I love and saying to each of them “It’s been a hard year, but you have helped.”

Because truly it has been a very, very hard year. But I have a lot of good, kind people in my life who believe in what I can do. A lot of the time before I even can. That is worth the most to me.

There are people in this world who forgive me when I’m being ridiculous and dramatic at all the wrong moments. People who have rooted for me all along even without any sort of proof that I could do what I’m doing. They just had a blind faith in me. There are people who push me because they know I can be even better, even as I’m resisting and being a raging moron probably.

Thank you for still loving me despite all the unreturned phone calls and emails as I navigated my way though this fucked up city that I love. Thank you for giving me the space that I needed to grow the fuck up. Thank you for pretending I didn’t say that awful thing when I was drunk because you knew it was the whiskey talking and not me, the person you think is someone worth knowing. Thank you for listening to me complain about shit you didn’t care about, just for the sake of being there for your friend. Thank you for letting me make a fool of myself in front of you and not judging me at all. Thank you for not holding it against me that I seemed to choose New York over being at home when my nephew started to talk…

You mean the world to me, a countless number of you.